"If we can open up a little bit more to each other and share our stories, that's what breaks down barriers."

Michelle Obama


We believe that richer, more meaningful conversations,

especially during difficult times, can bring about the

sustained positive change the world needs.

We created Parley to help
unlock and release what is preventing

collective progress and understanding.



We hope the Parley Project will remind us of what we want to carry forward from lockdown, so that our insights and commitments are not lost. In a post-pandemic world, society will need collaboration, creativity and compassion as we re-shape how we live and work. Using Parley today will enable the conversations we need for a better tomorrow.

I am a certified coach in Coactive Coaching, Ontological Coaching, Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence and Organisational Relationships and Systems. I have almost 30 years of experience working with Airbus, Fidelity, Maersk, Astra Zeneca, GSK, HSBC, BAML, Transport for London, Home Office and Shell.

My role is to drive rich conversations
that bring new awareness, clarity and action.

Juliet Fallowfield, CEO

We built Parley so people could share their experiences in times where  empathy, trust, hope and courage are needed. We think it may have a future as a tool to grow and heal during and in the aftermath of traumatic events. Having survived two emergency births,
9/11, SARS, the tsunami and cancer,
I have had my fair share of those!

My super power is breathing life into incredible concepts and products and I'm really proud to join Juliet and the team at Parley. My background is mostly investment management and sustainability, but once I spent a whole summer peeling potatoes in a condom factory. I still have no idea why they needed so many potatoes.

My role is to make Juliet happen.

Lucy Carmody

Founding Partner


“Something good comes with the bad.
A song's never just sad.
There's hope, there's a silver lining.
Show me my silver lining.”

Silver Lining by First Aid Kit


“Only a crisis – actual or perceived – produces real change.
When that crisis occurs, the actions that are taken
depend on the ideas that are lying around.
That, I believe, is our basic function:
to develop alternatives to existing policies,
to keep them alive and available
until the politically impossible
becomes the politically inevitable.”

Milton Friedman


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